About the Educator

It takes a lot of courage to embark on owning a salon and spa.  To be the owner of a multimillion-dollar salon and spa with over 100 employees and wearing all the hats requires a bit more than just courage and whatever that is, Bambi Montgomery has it!


Montgomery's resume boasts of working as a  salon/spa owner, perfumer, product developer and consultant.  Her businesses, Honey Child Chicago & HIVE Los Cabos, gained her national attention and acclaim for her superior services and business savvy.


“Owning multiple salons and spas was extremely rewarding and I loved, mostly, every moment of it”, smiles Montgomery.  “But my true passion, gift and calling is knowledge sharing” continues Montgomery.  It is that openness and compassion that has positioned Montgomery head and shoulders above other educators and consultants. 

Education is at the core of Montgomery’s vision. “Developing a strong foundation allows you to confidently break barriers”, proclaims Montgomery. It is Montgomery's philosophy that a focused strategy inspires and fine-tunes talent. Fine-tuned talent defies gravity! This bold and solid approach to education is evoking rave reviews from her session participants and salon owners. 


In addition to offering Education Sessions, Montgomery is also becoming the best friend to many salon and spa owners.  “Who better to problem solve with?  I’ve been where they are!  I understand the salon and spa owner completely”, exclaims Montgomery.


Montgomery’s expertise in concept development, technical training, promotional strategies and brand development has led Montgomery’s businesses to national acclaim. Whatever the size of your vision, a small salon/spa or a destination salon/spa, the endeavor is equally challenging.  Spas and salons present industry-specific development issues in addition to creating a business plan, securing financing, identifying a location, hiring and training staff.  Working with an experienced salon/spa consultant in the infancy stage of development is essential and common practice among the successful salons and spas.


Building an alliance with an experienced consultant is a tremendous advantage and will save valuable time and dollars by avoiding common and expensive mistakes that will slow down your project and extend your budget.   "I've already made and paid for the mistakes my clients will avoid with my first two ventures!" laughs Bambi.

Developing a successful salon and spa requires the expertise of architects, designers, marketing and public relations experts, concept and culture developers and management.  Montgomery will bring all of these experts under one accord to develop your vision.


Creating a unique concept or theme, determining the types of services desired for your target market, creating a service menu and packages that will stimulate the minds and senses of your guests comprise Montgomery’s core consulting services. In addition, ongoing services including loyalty programs, building community relationships and creating a profitable retail environment are all in Montgomery's wheelhouse.


Bambi Montgomery is choice above all other consultants because of her 25 years as an industry professional, owner of 3 highly regarded salons and spas, developer of her own product line, her expertise in developing press/media relations and assistance with web development, her ability to train your staff and offer ongoing assistance. 


In Montgomery’s hands, you are secure.... her knowledge and passion is matchless. Your success is her prize.